This is my affiliate homepage. It's different from most websites as I sell nothing directly here. This is just one location to access all my affiliate sites where you can make purchases from those companies as needed.

...as for me:

Hi there! I'm a retired... Well many things. Postal Worker, Steel Estimator, Personal Designer, and more. I've done a lot with my life, and do any of us really retire? I know I can't, so this is my company website.

Pat Gregory

...now for my company info:

The "JP" series of companies was founded in 1985, and has been providing services for many companies and individuals over the years. Located in Springfield, MO the current incarnation of the company "JP Sales and Services" is providing various affiliate links through this website.

Please note all sales and purchases are handled by each individual company such as Amazon, Pure Nature Design, and many others. All disputes need to be handled through the company the product was purchased. Though I will do my best to guide you if needed. Additionally this website uses no cookies, nor collects any personal data from you. Finally it should go without saying, but I do receive a small referral fee for all things purchased through my affiliate links.

Have fun!